Sunday, August 21, 2016

DigiLit Sunday and Read Alouds...

This week for DigiLit Sunday I decided to share a merging of ideas I will try as I share a read aloud with my 6th graders to begin the year. I want to merge mini lesson sharing with a mentor text (my read aloud) to share skills and strategies readers use based on read aloud books with discussion and written response, so my G-Link document was born. What is that? Well, if you are at all familiar with Thinglink, it is similar but created with a Google Slide and hyperlinks. I decided that I will give each of my students a G-Link document to record our thinking for our first read aloud Fish in a Tree. I will attach links to various activities throughout our novel sharing. I intend to attach activities that have us interacting digitally, writing together, brainstorming, and more. Here is my document as it stands today:

I copied the book cover and attached it to a Google Slide that I proportioned this way. I then added 3 "G-Links" as I am calling them. The first is the circle that will symbolize our brainstorming in this novel. I attached a prereading activity to a google doc that students will submit through Google Classroom  to this circle. My second link is the thought symbol in blue where I added a TodaysMeet link for students to share thoughts about the book as I read it aloud. (If you have not seen TodaysMeet I recommend looking into it for student conversations in real time.) Lastly, I added a scroll and attached a Padlet for writing thoughts based on our strategy or a question I pose in regard to my read aloud on some days. I intend to use these links throughout our read aloud to keep students engaged in the book and keep our conversations digital and relevant to our strategy practice and goals in the classroom!

 I will adapt this idea to my 5th grade gifted writing class later in the year to look at author's craft as we share a novel together. I intend to create a follow-up post with examples and information about what is working and what I have changed in a few weeks! Enjoy the new school year! 


  1. This is a great idea, Kristi! I've used Padlet by itself, but I love the idea of creating connected avenues for thinking.

  2. Wonderful post! I am learning so much!