Sunday, August 28, 2016

DigiLit Sunday and Digital Voice

This year I am working to let my students' digital voices be heard by not just each other, but the world! One way I hope to accomplish this is with a reading challenge in my classroom inspired by Donalyn Miller. I have taken the challenge and created 5 levels my students can work to attain (I am using an idea inspired by @MRSWeberREAD who used digital badges with her classroom work and written response letters, so thanks, Heidi!).

My students will each get a copy of a google slideshow where they are challenged to read independently in nonfiction, poetry, traditional literature, a fiction book of their choice, and one specific genre each month. For each book they complete during the month they will record a "shelfie", a new term I learned this summer for a selfie with a book, and share their book with 6th graders in our classroom and with pen pals we have hooked up with, along with the world through our 6th grade blog. Students will also share a choice activity: sketchquotes, summary, blog post, book talk, etc. to give others a taste of the book. We will use Padlet to post book reviews for the month that we can share with each other, our pen pals, and the world.

Students digital voices will let them reach other 6th graders outside of our classrooms and school. Each trimester we will celebrate books and our love of reading. My badges go from a level 1 badge which students earn for their first 10 books read, level 2 badge for 11-20, level 3 bronze badge for 21-30, level 4 silver badge for 31-40 and level 5 gold badge for 41 or more. The badges act as symbols for their accomplishments rather than prizes for reading as research shows that prizes do not build interested readers and sustained reading, but a love of books does!

The important part of this challenge is not how many books students read and badges they earn, but simply how many more books they finish this year than in previous school years, and how proud they feel about themselves as readers. When students feel proud of their accomplishments, they will keep challenging themselves. What I want is for each student I have to appreciate books, find books that appeal to them to give them experiences they would not normally have, so that their voices, both digital and in person, can be heard sharing books they love in an enthusiastic way throughout their lives!

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  1. I am trying to get my students interested in the Padlet. I like the idea of badges. My students loved the badges for Slice of Life last year. Thanks for linking up and sharing your voice.