Wednesday, July 27, 2016

DIY Literacy: Microprogressions

So today my micro-progression charts I made came from Vistaprint. I am thrilled with them. I incorporated Pokemon Go and leveling up with my micro-progression. In my classroom I will hang 4 charts I had made and can add post it notes to the progressions as we create them in class together, or through student examples as they apply skills we learn in class to move us forward in our learning and to keep us leveling up. I tried out a lesson on group discussions. We have book clubs in my room and often I hear students quickly reading through their work and moving form one to another without authentic conversation about the reading. This lesson will help show them how to share in conversations around the information each of them bring to the group discussion.

Here is my goal for the lesson which I would teach as a mini lesson and then create a chart: Tips for Active Listening with examples.

Here is the micro-progression I created for the skill. On my cabinets where these 4 charts will hang I have a headline "Level Up." I need to laminate the charts so that they will last longer. I have several versions of the charts. 
Here is my micro-progression chart with the post its. 
I am excited my charts can stay up and my post its and skills can change. I hope this encourages me to create micro-progressions to help my students level up and keep growing and learning this year! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love how you incorporated Pokemon Go!